11 The System of Thinking Part 5

The System of Thinking. What it is. Stages on: The Way to Conscious Immortality. This system of thinking is for you, you choose and will: to have knowledge of nature and of your Triune Self; to think without creating destiny, to be conscious of Consciousness, and to become consciously immortal.

26. You now purpose to know the reality of what you are conscious of as "I".

You will reach to I-ness by thinking with the two minds which you are not yet able to use.

  • By thinking of yourself, only as "I", you call to your aid the mind for I-ness.
  • You do not isolate yourself from nature to find I-ness.
  • By centering your thinking on "I" only, rightness-and-reason and feeling-and-desire and the physical body and nature are not included, and your thinking enters into blankness.
  • If the blankness is a deadness, a stoppage to the thinking, the thinking must begin again, and again, until the thinking thinks through the blankness.
  • The blankness is the barrier built by the thinking which the doer compelled, after it had abrogated its right to unity with I-ness, by its attempt to divide itself to dwell in male or in female bodies, and away from the eternal "I" in everlastingness, which made the doer a wanderer in darkness and forgetfulness.
  • By continued thinking on "I" the blankness opens, ceases.
  • In that moment you become conscious of I-ness and as I-ness, and I-ness uses its mind to identify you with and as itself, and you are I-ness.

As I-ness

  • you are neither past nor future; time exists, but it has no effect on you.
  • Horizons vanish in the immensity of I-ness:
  • you are conscious identity in the Eternal which is within and through and beyond time, self-conscious without flow or stop, in boundlessness of Light.
  • you are the conscious permanence of identity.
  • When you are identified with and as I-ness, you are also conscious as rightness-and-reason and feeling-and-desire, and all are identified with Iness.
  • There are no complications, distinctions, qualifications or misgivings, there is no wonder or awe at your being as you are.
  • Nothing disquiets your serenity as the eternal conscious I.
  • You are conscious of and as your identity, and you determine to have the completion of all parts of the Triune Self in the knowledge of selfness.

You have qualified yourself by thinking with the other minds and have no difficulty in thinking in conjunction with the mind for selfness.

  • Selfness has used its mind through the ages to impart knowledge to reason, so that reason should have all knowledge necessary in the administration of justice, in the exteriorization of the doer's thoughts and in all human relations.
  • In thus thinking on selfness, you are qualified, there are no approaches, no obstructions to overcome, as there were in the thinking with the minds of other parts of the Triune Self.
  • When you think in conjunction with the mind for selfness you are at once conscious not only of selfness, but you are and have knowledge as selfness.
  • You are knower and thinker and doer,the Triune Self.

27. As the knower, you are knowledge and know yourself to be the same eternal One whose I-ness is the self-conscious permanence in the Eternal and throughout time.

  • As the thinker, you know the rightness and the reason of yourself to be the law and the justice in the worlds.
  • As the doer, you know your feeling and desire to be beauty and power, in the body and in the worlds in which you have made yourself and the body beauty and power.
  • As the Triune Self, you think from yourself as knowledge-andidentity with rightness-and-reason and feeling-and-desire, and with the minds of these you coordinate and gear the body-mind.
  • By so thinking, the aia is caused to enter the physical body and to be in perfect relation with its breath-form.
  • The aia and the breath-form are still automata.
  • Nature contacts but cannot control them; they are under your direction and respond to your slightest behest.

By thinking from knowledge into the physical body all parts of the Triune Self as your real Self enter it; and your embodiment is complete.

  • By so thinking, the power and the glory of the Light through you as the Triune Self pervades the body and tempers it to you.
  • By so thinking, the physical body is established in permanence and is immortal.

All parts of you, as the Triune Self, are in the physical body with the aia and the breath-form. You have knowledge of all your parts as yourself and have complete mastery of your body, and the Conscious Light of your Intelligence is in and through you and your body.

By thinking on the Light with all your minds you think yourself into the Light and presence of your Intelligence.

  • You had known of your Intelligence through the Light, but now, in its presence, you are in consciously established relation to it.
  • You make salutation, offer service, are accepted and in tranquil reverence.
  • You choose to be in adjustment with the Great Triune Self of the worlds.

By thinking on the Great Triune Self of the worlds

  • you are in its presence and it is in and through you.
  • You are inspired by the love that it has for every being.
  • You know that because of its love it remains in the worlds to be the loving bond between all Triune Selves and all animate beings.
  • You are now in right relation to yourself, to your Intelligence and to the Great Triune Self of the worlds.

28. You choose to take birth into the three worlds.

During the course of your thinking the breath-form has been remaking the physical body to fit it for the embodiment of all the parts of you, the Triune Self.

  • Your physical body is rehabilitated, made perfect, and is now a body suited for you. Your body has been made deathless and immortal by your thinking.
  • No power in the Universe can destroy or corrupt it.
  • You only, as the indwelling Triune Self, can change it by your thinking.
  • It is a body built to gauge and mold and move and translate and guide nature units in being conscious as their functions, to serve the purpose of the Universe, which is, that all units will progress in being conscious in ever higher degrees.
  • Your immortal physical body is the model of beauty and strength for the Realm of Permanence, the world by which the Universe is operated and kept in balance.

The organs of the four systems have been translated into four brains in their respective sections: in the head, in the thorax, in the abdomen, and in the pelvis.

  • The brain in the head is for your operation of the light world,
  • the brain in the thorax for the life world,
  • the brain in the abdomen for the form world,
  • and the brain in the pelvis for the physical world.

The physical body has a front- or naturecolumn for your operation of nature by means of the four senses, and a back column from which you, the knower and thinker and doer, the Triune Self, operate. The four brains have parts for you and parts for nature, each related to its section and spine, and coordinated into a working organization.

The breaths keep up a circular flow of the free and the transient units of the four worlds, through the four senses of the physical body. These units are not for the upbuilding of the physical body, which is immortal and not dependent on transient units, but for the on-going of the worlds.

29. The compositor units of the physical body are now refined and tempered to the essential matter of the four worlds.

This matter is of the unmanifested of a world; it is unchanging, the same, through the changing units.

  • The aia relates the physical body to the essential matter, and the breath-form adapts the units to the worlds.
  • The aia keeps the breath-form and the physical body in permanence, while the breath-form gives form to the units and moves the physical body to action.
  • There is life in the mingling of the units of the worlds in your perfect body, and the units carry life through the worlds.
  • When the physical body has been made perfect and is related to the worlds you, the three parts of and as the Triune Self, are ready to issue from your physical body into the form, the life, and the light worlds.

In the course of your thinking with your feeling-and-desire minds, feeling-and-desire were voluntarily self-controlled and caused the breath-form to rebuild the physical body to accord with your conscious development as feeling-and-desire.

  • By continuing your thinking with the minds of rightness and reason you also became conscious of yourself as rightness-and-reason.
  • By thinking as rightness-and-reason your feeling and desire were rectified and justified; and the breath-form was made to raise the physical body into a higher form and structure.
  • By thinking with the minds of I-ness and selfness you reached selfconscious knowledge of yourself as I-ness-and-selfness; and the breath-form was made complete and caused the physical body to be perfect.
  • As feeling-and-desire, you are beauty and power.
  • As rightness-and-reason, you are law and justice.
  • As I-nessand-selfness, you are identity and knowledge.
  • As these three, you are not separated or divided;

you are the doer, the thinker, the knower as the Triune Self complete, each developed as itself, yet partaking of and in perfect relation to each other, and all are and make complete the unity of the Triune Self. As the complete Triune Self, you are in your perfect physical body which is the physical measure of your perfection.

30. In your physical body matter of each of the three worlds has been modeled into bodies which each of your three parts will use to work with the worlds.

  • Matter of the form world has been developed in what was the abdomen which you, as feeling-anddesire, the doer, will use to work with the matter of the form world.
  • Matter of the life world through the thorax has grown to be a life body which you, as rightness-andreason,the thinker, will use in the life world.
  • Matter of the light world in the head has become a light body which you, as I-ness-and-selfness, the knower, will be with in the light world, (Fig. VI-D).

By your thinking you have made these bodies perfect instruments, and you are now ready to rise out of your physical body with them and to issue and to adjust each to its particular world. By thinking of yourself as the knower and knowledge in relation to the light world, you, the complete Triune Self, rise out of your physical body through the top of the head and you are in the light world, the colorless sphere of shadowless Light.

You, as the knower and knowledge, are sheathed in a column of Light, light-matter of the light world, the light body which your thinking has created and called into being in the light world.

  • You have always been I-ness-and-selfness, the knower and knowledge, in the light world;
  • but not until feeling-and-desire had by thinking become detached from their illusions and delusions, and by thinking had attained union, could the three bodies be related and ready for you, as the knower, to work with in the three worlds.

From your light body in the light world you think of yourself in relation to the life world and you are in the life world, a radiant sphere of cycling life.

  • As rightness-and-reason, you are clothed in an oval of life, life matter of the life world which passes from the thorax by your thinking, and through which you will deal with the life world.
  • You have always been rightness-and-reason, the right and the just, but only in relation to feeling and desire which were enslaved to nature.
  • Now that they are free, you, as the thinker, can be an administrator of the law and justice in accord with the knower and knowledge.

From your life body in the life world you think of yourself in relation to the form world and you are in the form world, a sphere of light of typal forms.

  • As feeling-and-desire, you are in a form body, form matter of the form world, which issues from the abdomen in response to your thinking, and in which you will act in the form world.
  • You have always been feeling-and-desire, but now that you are free from all entanglements with nature, you, as the doer, are also beauty and power and will act in the form world with all forms of feeling and desire in accord with the right and the just.

You, the Triune Self, are in each of these three beings; each being is separate and different from the other two, according to the matter of which it is.
*That part of your Triune Self which acts through its being in the world of that being is essentially the same as the other two parts and the three parts of the three beings constitute the unbroken and inseparable beings of you as the Triune Self.

  • So your being of the life world and your being of the form world act coordinately with your being of the light world, though each is a being distinct from the other two.
  • Because of the difference in fineness of matter of your three beings, the being of the light world is present and lives in and through the being of the life world, the being of the life world is through the being of the form world and the being of the form world is in the physical body, which is attuned and related to the matter of all the worlds; and, by it the three beings of you, as the complete Triune Self, may act on the matter of the physical world.
  • Because of the relation of the fourfold physical body to the four planes of the physical world and to the four states and substates of matter, you, the Triune Self can, by your thinking through the matter of the physical body, be present and appear as the physical body in any place at any time.
    • There you can, by thinking, cause to occur such phenomena as you see fit.

31. Now that your service is accepted by your Intelligence and since love is awakened by the Great Triune Self of the worlds in you for every being, and your body is related and attuned to all states of matter on the planes of the physical world, you are ready to take your part in working for the plan and the purpose of the Universe.

  • You are a qualified and accepted officer in The Government of the Universe:
    • you are knowledge and justice and love in relation to the world of men and in all the worlds.
  • In the light world you are the knower and knowledge:
    • you know all other Triune Selves and you are known by the knower of every Triune Self to be the knower of yourself and of them.
  • In the life world you are the law and justice:
    • the thoughts of men are open to you and you adjudicate upon each in its relation to the thoughts of other men according to the law of thought and in agreement with the reason of any of the doers in bondage to nature.
    • In the form world you are beauty and power: you are the ideal form and character to which great thinkers and artists aspire, and you direct the administration of justice with love so that all who will may find their way through the wilderness of the world.
    • In the physical world you are knowledge and justice and love to all human beings of the doers among whom you move, and you are sense and power supreme to all elemental beings.
    • So you are the Triune Self complete, being and acting in each of the four worlds separately or simultaneously.

32. You choose the locality of the physical world in which your physical body is to be, on or between the crusts of the earth or beyond the crusts, alone, among others of your kind, or in relation to a people.

  • You need not be limited to a locality, you may go, in your physical body, where you please: in any part of the solid earth, or its zones, or you may be and act on the physical plane of any of the other three worlds.
  • You may appear to travel on surfaces, but you can go with the speed of light-matter of the world and plane and state of matter in which you will your body to be.
  • You can be present anywhere.
  • You are where you will to be.
  • By your sight you see, by your hearing you hear, by your taste you taste and by your smell you smell, and contact any matter or being or place in any of the four worlds or their planes or states.
  • You do this by thinking and by feeling your body where you will it to be.
  • Feeling through your senses contacts the matter of the place, desire gives moving power to the matter and thinking places the body where the desire with feeling wishes it to be.
  • You can see through, hear or contact any state or zone or being of the four worlds, from the least progressed unit to the greatest God, and it must obey what you command.
  • But you will command only what it is right that you should command, and only what should be obeyed.
  • You can cause the stars to move, to be bright or to be invisible in a clear sky;
    • or the sun to focus heat or light; or you can cause these celestial masses to change their courses.
    • But you will do these things only when the people for whom they are done have by their thoughts and acts made it necessary.
  • You can bring the fire zone into the air, making the air a raging sea of fire or have it rain lightning on the earth, or bury the earth under deep layers of ice or you may cause the water zone to flood the earth, but only when the land and water areas are to be changed and when a people have determined destruction by what they have thought and done.
  • You can cause the earth crust to quake and open and pour forth fire and brimstone and jets of steam and to destroy vegetation and to heave like waves between rivers of molten masses, but only when the people of the crust have ceased to learn, and the earth must be prepared for a new course and effort by re-existing doers who are to inhabit it.
  • You can cause the seasons to recur in orderly succession over a long period or to be changeable and uncertain, or cause periods of drought or fertility, pests and panics, depression, peace and prosperity, all in response to what the people do to themselves and each other as individuals or as masses.

*You need not appear on the outer earth crust to do these things;

  • you can be within the chambers of the earth or in the inner or outer zones of water or air or fire, and you can be as distant or as present as you will.

For you it is possible to do anything; the only thing impossible for you to do is to do wrong, inasmuch as you are knowledge and justice and love.

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