Who Are You

Your Desire for SELF KNOWLEDGE and ENLIGHTENMENT can never fail, for, in the split second you realize WHO YOU REALLY ARE and accept this truth, you immediately open yourself to the flow of INTELLIGENCE through the KNOWER and THINKER of the Triune Self of your Soul, whether this be achieved consciously or unconsciously, at this stage.

It is not difficult to find words to conceptualize and describe things you have probably already felt sometimes. Language itself is nature-matter and cannot convey the actual sense of enlightenment because language, being nature-matter, is not equal to the LIGHT OF INTELLIGENCE, whihc is immaterial. Words, at best, are poor symbols to intrepret a much, greater, finer reality. Once you accept WHO YOU REALLY ARE, accept it as you breathe in air, you are ready, YOU HAVE ARRIVED.

If is sad that most re-existing soul portions of Souls incarnated on the earth plane today, are unconscious of their existence and ignorant of WHO THEY REALLY ARE. You exist foremost because you are the present-day re-existing soul portion of a Soul, learning from the lessons of Life that are so essential and so necessary for you to become enlightened. In your learning, you are receiving knowledge from your experiences, meaning you are slowly becoming in greater harmony with your Soul and its Triume Self. YOU ARE SLOWLY RETURNING HOME.

In your long journey home, the many seeds of "soul light" with you gently bud and will grow in beaty and riches as you, a living soul portion, allow them to so. And, as the buds flower into relative maturity, so does the LIGHT OF INTELLIGENCE in you, perceiving and manifesting the fundmental purpose of ALL LIFE on planet earth and beyond.

Yet, before a seed can burst into life, it must be placed in darkness, in order to gain strength before life can mature it. Likewise, a re-existing soul portion of a Soul is put into darkness by its OWN THINKING, to obtain strength of human experiences before Light of Intelligence of the Triune Self of the Soul can mature it.

To experience suffereing as known through despair, pain, loss and misery enables the Light of Intelligence of a Triune Self of a Soul to rise. In overcoming difficulties which are essentially karmic in origin and presented to you as challenges (not problems) in life, the Light of Intelligence rises stronger, more purified, deepened in intensity and more powerful. This, it is, to be rich in spirit. This, it is, that motives you to continually strive onward, upward, and foward to SELF-KNOWLEDGE and ENLIGHTMENT and consequently mind-body-soul-spiriitual growth and progression.

"Enough Loving will Cure Everything"

"A greater mystery is your real Self - that greater Self which is not in your body; not in or of this world of birth and death; but which, consciously immortal in the all-pervading Realm of Permanence, is a presence ith you through all your lifetimes, through all your interludes of death and sleep"

The secret of birth and life and death is locked up in every man body and every woman body. Each human body contains the secret; the body is the lock. Every human being possesses the key to open the lock and make use of the secret of immortal youth - else it must continue to suffer death. The key is the CONSCIOUS SELF in the human body. Each SELF must think and locate itself as the key - to open and explore the human body and know itself as sublimate and transform its body to become a perfect sexless body of immortal life.


ANSWER: You should know that you are not your corporeal body; you should know that your corporeal body is not you. You should know that you are a living-soul, on of the twelve soul portions of a Soul expressing yourself as feeling-and-desire in and through a corporeal body human shape and form.

QUESTION: What evidence is there to confirm that I am not my corporeal body?

ANSWER: You should know that you are not your corporeal body and that your corporeal body is not you. You should know this because when you think about it, you realise that your corporeal body is very different today from what it was when, in childhood, you first became conscious of it. During the years that you have lived in your corporeal body you have been aware that it has been changing; in its passing through its childhood and adolescence and youth, and into its present condiiton, it has changed greatly. And you recognise that as your corporeal body has matured there have been gradual changes in your view of the world and your attitude toward life. But throughout these changes you have remained you. that is, you have been consicous of yourself as being the same self, the identical I, all the while.

Your reflection on this simple truth compels you to realise that you definately are not and cannot be your corporeal body; rather, that your corporeal body is a physical organism that you live in; a living nature mechanism that you are operating; an animal that you are trying to understand, to train master.

QUESTION: When and how did I come into my corporeal body?

ANSWER You know how your corporeal body came into this world; but how you came into your corporeal body you do not know. you did not come into it until some time after it was born; a year, perhaps, or several years; but of this fact you know little or nothing, because your memory of your corporeal body began only after you had come into your corporeal body.

You know something about the material of which your ever-changing corporeal body is composed; but what it is that you are you do not know; you are not yet conscious as what you are in your corporeal body.

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