Why So Many Mysteries

Why were the truths given in the form of mysteries?

The reason might have been that the laws of the period prohibited the spreading of new doctrines. The circulating of a strange teaching or doctrine could have been punishable by death.

Indeed, the legend is that Jesus suffered death by crucifixion for his teaching of the truth and the way and the life.

But today, it is said, there is freedom of speech: one may state without fear of death what one believes concerning the mysteries of life.

What anyone thinks or knows about the constitution and functioning of the human body and of the conscious self that inhabits it, the truth or opinions that one may have concerning the relation between the embodied self and its real Self, and regarding the way to knowledge, these need not be hidden, today, in words of mystery requiring a key or a code for their understanding.

In modern times all "hints" and "blinds," all "secrets" and "initiations," in a special mystery language, should be evidence of ignorance, egotism, or sordid commercialism.

Notwithstanding mistakes and divisions and sectarianism; notwithstanding a great variety of interpretations of its mystical doctrines, Christianity has spread to all parts of the world.

Perhaps more than any other faith, its teachings have helped to change the world.

There must be truths in the teachings, however they may be hidden, which, for nearly two thousand years, have reached into human hearts and awakened the Humanity in them.

Everlasting truths are inherent in Humanity, in the Humanity which is the totality of all the doers in human bodies.

These truths cannot be suppressed or entirely forgotten. In whatever age, in whatever philosophy or faith, the truths will appear and reappear, whatever their changing forms.


One form in which certain of these truths are cast is Freemasonry. The Masonic order is as old as the human race. It has teachings of great value; far greater, in fact, than is appreciated by the Masons who are their custodians.

The order has preserved ancient bits of priceless information concerning the building of an everlasting body for one who is consciously immortal.

Its central mystery drama is concerned with the rebuilding of a temple which was destroyed. This is very significant. The temple is the symbol of the human body which man must rebuild, regenerate, into a physical body that will be eternal, everlasting; a body that will be a fitting habitation for the then consciously immortal doer.

"The Word" which is "lost" is the doer, lost in its human body—the ruins of the once great temple; but which will find itself as the body is regenerated and the doer takes control of it.

By your thinking you make your destiny.

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